The Road that Leads to Tuscany

Summer in Funes Valley, South Tyrol, Italy

Pink Hues of The Dolomites

Inn stay at Ritten, South Tyrol

Church on a hill in South Tyrol, Italy

The Castle of Sirmione, Lake Garda, Italy

Summer colours of Sirmione, Italy

The Balcony of Juliet, Verona, Italy

At the Piazza, Mantova, Italy

A stroll in Bologna

Bologna, Italy

On a somber Saturday morning, before the early rise of our neighbors, we drove out of Munich. The city didn’t quite stir as we made out exit onto the open highway. We rolled along quiet Bavarian countryside and as the distance increased, weather improved. Advancing deep into the Austrian Alps to the west, we crossed the border into the sierras of Northern Italy. By then the sun was high in the sky – sometimes hidden behind rigid peaks and at times haloed, making the great mountains seem like angels standing by in a row.

At a dizzying pace we traveled, visited and rested at traditional inns and country farms.  Snaking our way southwards stopping by great Roman cities and ancient ruins, taking a break under Juliet’s balcony; we melted into the antiquity of the surroundings. Days later, like drained out gypsies, we arrived at the doorsteps of Tuscany and from here, made a slow approach into the backyard of this timeless region.


 Munich – Brixen – Funes Valley – Bolzano – Lake Garda – Verona – Mantova – Bologna – Tuscany.


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