The Death of A Bee

sunflower against blueSunflower the perfect flowerHeart of a Sunflower

There is this new potted sunflower,
Growing tall in a sunny spot at the front of my door.
Swaying suggestively in tune with the wind,
She captures the wandering heart of a foraging bee.
Suited in black velvet coat with a bright yellow tail,
He courts this summer nymph with a fancy lovers tale.
His whispered hum only she can hear,
Promising a union that will bring on heir.
She blushes a nod, and he lands on her bed.
There, they coupled in a lovers embrace;
He splays her folds with deep but gentle thrusts,
Drawing naked juice to nourish his lust.
In the essence of the heat
She submits to his touch,
While the sweet caress of his wings
Brings on a shiver, longing for more.
 In ecstasy they kept at this pace,
Like new lovers in a secret affair.
He consumes till her nectar is bare,
The urgency is blunt but fair.
Content by the energy spent,
Their infatuation soon be lulled.
But there is no despair when they depart
For unto eternal their duty remains apart. 
* I wrote this poem while watching a bee that I’ve been observing for 3 days die at the threshold of my door, under the shadow of  the sunflower. 
In his last days, I was the silent witness watching him come back over and over again, like a lover seduced by the abundance of his mistress.  Intoxicated by her sweetness he lets sensibility escape and worked his spirit to death. While i marveled his life it was his death that inspired me. In fond memory…

White petals


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