A Festival of Ole just a Short Mile from Here

Cutting across the region of Tuscany and into the heart of Umbria we lodged at a farmhouse right at the intersection of Perugia and Assisi. The country roads were empty and so were the distant fields, one can only wonder who will plough this thriving land in days to come.  The farmer shared our sentiments and this is what he said;

Young Italians almost none,

Gone to towns for work and wives,

Make no fuss for what is fair,

To leave the land to modern heir.

What is to become of all this land, the future of  a tradition, this heritage… his birthright – he reflected aloud. His graying strands hidden under a cap and the creases on his face and wisdom in his eyes have embraced  many days. He looked ahead for a bitter moment and when he turned back, his eyes were gleaming with pride and joy for what is still under his care. After all, he has endured those turbulent days, evolved – adapting to the present and preparing for the future so what lies ahead can only be progress. These thoughts bring great comfort to him and he hangs on to it.

Not waiting for an opinion he carried on, changing the subject as easily as planting a seed. “Now, what was I saying…you’re in luck there is a festival of ole just a short mile from here…”

Mercato Delle Gaite is held in the medieval town of Bevagne each year in June. This year from the 20 – 30 June 2013. 


2 responses to “A Festival of Ole just a Short Mile from Here

  1. Thanks for the follow! Here to inform you that my blog is bilingual, English and Italian. But I see that you’ve been to Italy! I’m doing my best to keep the posting between the two languages balanced. 🙂

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