Praise Bee!

 It was that  soulful southern story of the Boatwright sisters and their Black Madonna Honey in the “Secret life of Bees” that first triggered my interest in Bees. I never really gave this busy insect with their angry sting much thoughts – Those days I let the buzzing sound of their wings escape me like the air that I breathed. I was blind to their magic. These tiny flying stripes went about their quiet business while I went on with mine. Their labor going mostly unnoticed in my small ignorant world.
 It is so easy to take them for granted, but bees are so important in our environment, they play a vital role in many areas of our life. Use of pesticides, climate change and shrinking habitat are rapidly killing our hardworking friends. Know this, one in three mouthfuls of what we eat are dependent on bee pollination. Which goes to say, the vanishing of bees could mean a great depression in the future of our ecosystem, a threat to our food supply and ultimately our very existence.
 The jolt of colors, patterns and heady scents of the flowers are an alluring invitation to bees. The way they dance around the brightest and sweetest of scents, their descend into the loving folds of the flower to extract its nectar and then spontaneously  transporting pollen powder to other waiting blooms which ultimately creates new plant life. Bees the perfect pollinator at work is a marvel to observe.
 I’m not ready to be a beekeeper but then there are tiny things I could do right now to help save the weakening bee population;
Stop spraying Bee-harming pesticides on plants It’s the best thing one can do to help safe bees!
 Bee-friendly space in the garden A small gesture of a little flowerpot or wild patch can provide beneficial pollinator habitat. And good news is, they help increase the flowers and crops in the garden.  
Buy directly from local beekeeper preferably from farmers who uses natural farming methods that are bee-friendly.
Leave an offering of water Bees get thirsty too and they need water to cool down the heat of their hive. Leaving a shallow bowl of water with some stones will keep them coming back. The murkier the water the better.
I’m privileged to be living in the days of the bees and I want so much for them to survive long after I’m gone. Praise be to the glory of bees!

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