Barcelona Fever

As we made our final approach into Barcelona–El Prat Airport on May Day with a plane-full of Bavarian football fans dressed in traditional lederhosen, i couldn’t help but get caught up in their excitement. Perhaps I was giddy with the buzz around me that my first glimpse of Barcelona hit me with such a forceful current of vibrancy that I was soon out of breath. Looking down from above, this grid-like structured city with neat octagonal blocks gripped my attention. The ingenious design of the city is stunning and it’s no wonder Barcelona is often credited for its innovative urban planning. The landing was bumpy and supporters were already drunk with a victory that was yet to be won. 
The drive into the city with Laura, an Uruguayan living in Barcelona for the last 20 years shared a torrent of information as much as the 20 minutes ride could fill. All of it proved to be useful. We were warmly greeted at the door by Graciela our host and given the white room overlooking Montjuïc (Jew Mountain). Not wanting to miss out by the minute we soon set out into the streets armed with a camera and a city map.
The capital of Catalonia with its striking monuments, vibrant nightlife and beautiful walks along the port and sea combines cosmopolitan flair with local tradition. There are great public spaces with long streets, wide avenues, and curved street corners. The city was literally sizzling with creativity and local Catalans are amazingly stylish. It was an endless treat and the city was just pulsating with energy.
Legendary artists such as Salvador Dali, Antoni Gaudi, Pablo Picasso and Joan Miró have lived here and left their mark. We had by chance, an opportunity to spend an interesting afternoon with a local artist at a gallery with originals of the modern masters. With Spanish passion – he spoke of the artists, their works and the craft of lithography with much precision and adoration. He would never know how much he touched us with the generosity of his time and shared knowledge.
Being in this lively city was an immersion of pure cultural indulgence experienced with all five primary senses. In this stimulated state we returned to Munich with a heightened temperature of a Barcelona fever.

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