Corsica – A tale of two

This unworldly Island in the Mediterranean floats proudly on a Sea of Independence. Geographically located to the west of Italy, Corsica is now a French Island, having been purchased from a financially ruined Genoa in 1764. Tormented by a stormy past, Corsica was violated continuously by a succession of invasions. It is said, “Corsica is France, but not French” wrote Paul Theroux and his thoughts echoed not by one but a significant few.

Corsicans are proud of their heritage, their hearts beat in harmony by devotion to their Island. Fiercely guarded from exploitation, Corsica has retained its uniqueness at many levels. It is without surprise that from this land sprang one of the greatest military leaders in history and Emperor of the French Empire, Bonaparte Napoleon. Anointed “KallistÔ “the most beautiful” by the Greeks, Corsica is a contrast of coastal cities, turquoise waters, sandy beaches, emerald lagoons and the feral beauty of its mountains rises to a great altitude.

A visit to this beautiful island is incomplete without a knowledge of its past by absence of prejudice. Corsica is a tale of two worlds, between sea and mountains, an entwined history of Italy and France and the struggle of dependence and independence. Viva la Corse!


2 responses to “Corsica – A tale of two

  1. very interesting, I didn’t know much about Corsica, in fact I new nothing more than it existed in the Mediterranean somewhere. Thanks for the education.

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